Who we are

Uh, you clicked on that button to help you decide if you should visit our website again or confirm if we are legit, right?

Well, that is the exact reason this page was created and the content written: to prove that graduateschoolscholarships.net is definitely the site you want to visit for your college tips, guides and scholarship opportunities.

We know and understand that higher education is all about opportunities (professional), personal growth, fun, and academics.

Yes. We had all of that in mind when building graduateschoolscholarships.net – the kind of website we wish existed when we were chasing higher education in colleges and universities.

And guess what? Everything offered here – tips, guides, and whatever you may find – are totally FREE!

Even though we have been in this field for a long time, a major number of the brains behind what you read on graduateschoolscholarships.net are recent graduates from institutions across the globe. What does that mean? It literally means that you get the direct experience and perspective of students like you from an established company.

Moreover, we don’t overlook user feedbacks. We incorporate verified feedbacks from our users so you never miss the important things.

You may wonder how we get our information. We reach out to colleges and universities via various channels such as surveys, mails, and at times, phone calls; to get an up-to-the-minute information in certain higher institutions. Presenting current information such as scholarship closing dates, admission processes, addresses, – anything – is the primary reason why we work this hard.

We don’t want you to get lost along the way, in your search for a suitable college.

We are working to be the best. You can help us by giving us feedback on anything you fell we need to know about.