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At, your privacy is held with high your priority. We have created principles that guide how we gather, utilize, store and protect your data in connection with how you sue our site –

We, at, will not share, sell, or lease the information posted on this site to other sites, any third party or use the information in ways other than described in this policy page.

What info we collect

When you subscribe for our newsletter, we request for personal info such as email address, first name and last name. The reason why we request this info from users on our site is for the purpose of verifying their agreement with relevant local, state and federal law, and agreement with the site user compliance terms offered by We may be prompted to also ask users how they got to know about

Aside the info provided to us by the users and visitors hereon, we also make use of technical and analytical tools and cookies also to help us comprehend our site usage and the browsing activities of visitors on this site. Note that such data collected are kept anonymously without any personal identifiable feature in them.

You, the site user, have the right and access to accept or reject cookies from but to get access to the full features of this site, you will be required to “enable” cookies from our site. The data gathered via this site – – may be used for marketing purposes and enhancing our services. It assists us in tailoring the content we produce, offered products, and also aid us in analyzing our website statistically.

Opting Out

Users have the full right to stop receiving marketing emails from us. How? By clicking on the ‘unsubscribe’ button at the footer of the emails we sent.


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