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  1. How Cookies are used at

There are several reasons why we make use of cookies on which we are willing to describe to you below. When we collect user cookies, we ensure they don’t contain personal data, and these cookies collected by us can not harm your browsing device. Cookies help us make to be more consumer friendly, informative, helpful to visitors on our site, and personal too.

By using our site –, you come to an agreement to the use of cookies and other tech tools as described in this cookie policy. If after reading through our cookie policy and you do not come to an agreement with it, then refrain from using our website – We understand that some persons may want to have control over their visits to and also regulate their settings in view of that.

  1. What exactly are Cookies?

A cookie sounds more like an eatable something but in the internet world and websites, it is actually a file of very small size that contains certain quantity of information, which is sent by our site,, to your browser. This file named cookie can actually be saved on the hard drive of your device and our web server can access it. By accessing it, we use the data contained in it, to modify the pages on our website and services we offer consequently. Let us make it clear to you that cookies does not collect nor store personal details stored on your computer, mobile device, or hard drive.

  1. How do We Use These Cookies?

We use certain analytical tools such as Google Analytics to help monitor the activities and web behaviors of users on our site. You may read the privacy and cookie policies of these platforms to ensure you are comfortable with the way they handle cookies.

  1. Social Media & Third Party Cookies?

No Man is an island of knowledge all by himself. At times, we embed text, and media content such as images and videos from websites other than We may also embed content from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or other social media platforms. Hence, when you peruse content embedded from other sites, you are exposed to cookies from these sites. has no control whatsoever over cookies from these sites thus it is necessary you look up the cookie polices of these sites.

  1. How to Delete and Control Cookies?

Remember, we don’t collect personal data via our site cookies. But should in case you feel the need to block, reject, or disable cookies from our site,, then bear in mind that may not function properly, or may not be reachable at all.

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