Distance Learning vs. On-campus College


As high school grads, one of the puzzles which many tried to fix is; online degree program and offline learning, which is better? Here we try to analyze both and you get to make a well informed decision.

On-campus College

On-campus college also known as traditional learning is ideally a higher degree program taken with the compulsory presence of students on campus for a period of 2 to 4 years. Traditional learning offers numerous types of degrees ranging from Bachelor’s degree, Master degree and also offer both minors and majors from certified professors/instructors.

Distance Learning

Distance learning popularly known as online learning program, is a higher academic course offered online to students who wishes to learn from the comfort of their home without having to physically be in any classroom. Online courses are taught and handled the same way conventional institutions handles theirs: the methodology, teaching/learning strategy, and evaluation methods.

Distance learning program has proved to be a better alternative for students who wish to access higher education without having to leave their jobs, family obligations, and other reasons which may include distance and other on-campus expenses.

Benefits of Distance Learning

  • One of the advantages of distance learning is the flexibility offered. Students enrolled for online courses have the flexibility of managing their time how they want – deciding when to study, and where they wish to study for their online degree. As a distance learning student, you are not required to drive to campus, or sit in class for hours in order to learn. Online degree program has proved to be a better alternative for people with various forms of disabilities too. With the arrival of online courses, they can learn any degree of their choice – whether a master degree online or an online associate degree – from the comfort of their home. On-campus learning cannot offer learners this flexibility of learning.
  • It is not a new thig that some conventional institutions do not offer all the courses, and classes every learners may want or need to take. Hence some on-campus students take on online courses to help them achieve their goals. Signing up for distance learning whilst pursuing a degree in a brick-and-mortar school has prevented students from seeking for transfer to another institution or driving to another campus to take lessons – and this has indirectly saved costs for most students.
  • Distance learning program has helped in cutting down cost of education for online schools and learners alike. Online universities has saved by not having to spend on campus buildings. While students registered for distance learning has saved some pennies on transportation, out-of-home feeding, accommodation, classroom learning materials amongst others.

If you are considering distance learning degree programs, here are a few premier institutions you may want to consider to study at:

  • Purdue University – Purdue University offer over 70 majors to distance learners. With over 53,000 students enrolled for online learning program at Purdue, it is considered one of the world’s largest accredited online university.
  • Walden University – Walden University is dedicated to providing quality distance learning courses to students from around the world. Learners are offered up to 50 majors to pick from. Walden University gives its learners the flexibility and conveniences of learning at their own pace.
  • Colorado Technical University – Colorado technical school is based on Tech and Business. Offering over 100 online courses and degree programs online, CTU has helped students earn various degrees online at quite lower prices. Colorado Technical University is an accredited online university. The online university is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

This is to mention but a few. A single search for accredited online schools will offer you result containing a list of many institutions offering online degree programs.

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