Saltire MSc Scholarships worth £8000 at the University of Stirling, Scotland – 2019


Studying in Scotland is amazing. One would experience many places, events, and views when they travel to Scotland for educational purposes, work, or other reasons. In to boost the inflow of foreign students to Scotland, the Government of Scotland has decided to offer certain student grants to foreign students. This grant is not presented singlehandedly. The Government of Scotland is offering this opportunity in conjunction with Scottish institutions.

According to metrics, this is opportunity is rated A+ for talented students who has been seeking for an opportunity to study at certain Scottish Institution or any random university in Scotland. With the Saltire MSc Scholarships offered by the Scottish Government, the dream of studying in Scotland can be a reality if you take a bold step forward by reading through this content and applying for this grant worth up to £8000 for each enlisted beneficiary.

Before you can apply for the Saltire MSc Scholarships, you will need to secure a place of admission at any Scottish University of your choice, for a full-time master degree program. In addition, you need to meet every other eligibility criteria required for admittance into a Scottish University. The main purpose of the Saltire MSc Scholarships is to promote Scotland an amazing place for academic learning – formal and informal.

Brief Info on the University of Stirling

Stirling University is public university based in the middle-belt area of Scotland. The university aims to undertake researches that will help keep the society in shape.

 The study abroad program presented by the University of Stirling is one that lasts a lifetime. In addition, they prepare their learners and teach them ways to boom as world citizens in an ever-dynamic environment.

Details of the Saltire MSc Scholarships

Degree Level – The Saltire Scholarships is open for MSc courses only. That is, only students who are eligible to enroll for a postgraduate degree program may apply for the Saltire MSc Scholarships.

Closing Date – The application closing date for the Saltire MSc Scholarships is May 26, 2019.

Scholarship Benefit – The Saltire MSc Scholarships awards £8000 to beneficiaries of the program for their tuition fees.

Number of Grant – The Saltire MSc Scholarships aims to assist up to 50 international students with this grant award.

Host – the Saltire MSc Scholarships is programmed to take place at Stirling University, Scotland.

Eligible Subjects – The Saltire MSc Scholarships is offered to graduate students seeking a master’s degree in areas of technology, healthcare, science, creative industries, clean and renewable energy, and medical sciences.

You can learn more about the eligibility of the Saltire MSc Scholarships here.

How to apply

Get the application form. The read and understand all the required documents needed before applying for this student grant. Then you apply.

Vis the official website of Stirling University’s Student Grant if you need more details.

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